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What I'm Writing Now - YA LGBT Romance


Danielle Donaldson blogs here. What I'm reading now. What I'm writing now. My various thoughts about romance novels, publishing and writing at large and the sexy stuff that comes to mind! 

What I'm Writing Now - YA LGBT Romance

Danielle Donaldson

You know the saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. As a writer and busy person, I always have the best of intentions. I make lofty goals and I always struggle to make them, but at least I'm shooting for the stars. 

In the case of "What I'm Writing Now," I had the intention of finishing my current young adult novel about three years ago. Yet, here I am still working on the final 3 chapters of the first draft of the novel. Currently, it's a family drama centered around the three siblings of a dysfunctional family. Their father exiles the family to another state for a summer vacation. During the teenagers' attempts to live a "normal" life, the middle child suffers a great tragedy. Will they pull together? Will their parents finally, actually be parents? 

The middle sister and her best friend's relationship starts to bloom into something more than friendship. It's a coming-of-age lesbian love story as well. 

It's been fun to write teenagers because I love the way the siblings talk to each other. It's been fun to stretch into the YA romance world, but I'm still trying to navigate the "appropriate" levels of affection to show. Teenagers are capable of great passion and romance and I'm excited to explore that. 

The difficult parts have been the dramatic interactions between teens/parents and the traumatizing event in all of their lives. It's hard to shift back into the mind of a frustrated teen and not wallow in that self-pity and anger. I mean, you gotta believe, I'm pretty freakin' method when it comes to writing. :) 

Hopefully, I'll be done with this draft soon! (3 years later than originally planned)