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Danielle Donaldson blogs here. What I'm reading now. What I'm writing now. My various thoughts about romance novels, publishing and writing at large and the sexy stuff that comes to mind! 

What I'm Reading Now - In His Silks by Patricia D. Eddy

Danielle Donaldson

Review: IN HIS SILKS by Patricia D. Eddy

Heat Level: 5 (!!!) 

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If you know me in real life, it is no surprise that I haven't seen Fifty Shades of Grey in theaters. I'm sure it's doing quite well at the box office without my help. IF I ever see it. I'll fork over $1 at my local Redbox in a few months so I laugh at it in the comfort of my own home. 

If the idea of BDSM and Dom/Sub relationships/erotica excite you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go pick up a copy of Patricia Eddy's IN HIS SILKS. 

While the story starts out with a billionaire saving the damsel in distress trope (cue eyeroll), it surprisingly didn't rest on that trend. Elizabeth trips on the sidewalk in the middle of a downpour after she just got fired from her job. Obviously, she's having a great day, but just as she's about to burst into frustrated tears, Alexander Fairhaven extends his hand and picks her up. He takes her home and makes sure she's okay. But, Alexander Fairhaven isn't just some regular guy. He's one of the richest men in the country, has a handsome face and delicious body and a foreign accent. *SWOON* 

While Elizabeth tries to unravel why she was wrongly fired, (SPOILER: it's a cover up for some major financial fraud) she can't stop thinking about Alexander. Although, she tries her best to push him away, she can't resist him especially as he starts to wrapped into the dangerous mess that she's in. 

This is part mystery thriller, part romantic erotica. Alexander has some "unique tastes" that include being a Dominant in the bedroom. Elizabeth is an inexperience Submissive but assertive woman. Alexander slowly teaches and teases Elizabeth into his bed and the end result is HOT HOT HOT. The BDSM is pretty mild but I think very well portrayed. Alexander is a loving and gentle Dominant and he main focus is on the pleasure of Elizabeth and he definitely satisfies her. He is a caring lover and partner who pushed the boundaries of what Elizabeth is normally comfortable with in the best ways. He isn't overwhelming but he allows her to explore and enjoy new adventures. It's sexy and endearing which I'm sure will have many romance lovers looking for their Alexander Fairhaven and NOT their Mr. Grey.