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Fandom Friday: Gilmore Girls

Danielle Donaldson

I think there's a pretty clear connection between all of my Fandom Friday posts. I really, really love female-centric stories. Gilmore Girls was a perfect mix of stories of female friendship, the importance of mother-daughter relationships and good, old-fashioned romantic angst. It ran for a beautiful 7 seasons during my pivotal teenage years. I even own the very expensive box set of DVDs, which are now obsolete thanks to Netflix. All seasons are streaming there. Away! Go Watch!

Gilmore Girls follows Lorelai Gilmore, a young, struggling mother who works hard to raise her bright daughter and survive after being cast out of her rich, elite family. Rory Gilmore is Lorelai's precocious teenage daughter who is reaching to get into Harvard and dealing with the normal teenage relationship drama. They take care of each other while sharing their love for coffee, pop culture and talking extremely fast. 

Female Friendship Stories

Lane Kim is Rory Gilmore's best friend, besides her mother, of course. They share a love of pop culture and are mostly lovingly supportive of each other. Sookie (played by the beautiful and hilarious Melissa McCarthy) is Lorelai's best friend, other than her daughter. Both of Gilmore ladies have supportive and loving friendships with other women. They don't tear down other women, they lift them up. When Sookie is in a downward spiral of neuroses, Lorelai calms her down with patience and kindness. When Lane needs a partner-in-crime and someone to support her in her little attempts at teenage rebellion from her overzealous and protective mother (Mama Kim is the best FYI), Rory is right by her side. It's a glorious thing and we need to see it more often. 

Family Dynamics 

With the addition of Emily, Lorelai's mother, there are three generations of Gilmore women trying to relate and take care of each other in their own weird ways. They struggle through misunderstandings, lack of communication and grating personalities. It's realistic. They love each other but sometimes they can't manage to bridge the gap between them. Family drama without the therapy co-pays. 

Romantic Angst

The Gilmore women are beautiful, smart and sometimes single. The romantic conflicts extend beyond the will-they-won't-they of the Friends' Ross/Rachel, although the writer's sometimes play on that trope to delicious, warm, happy endings. 

You want to see on-screen chemistry with a great pay-off? Commit to watching Gilmore Girls. Seriously. I sometimes look up gifs of the show just to watch the characters little movements to express emotions. It's good inspiration. 


Special Bonus Amazing Feature: The Fandom 

This show was released in 2000. Fifteen years later, fans are still talking about this show to an amazing degree. The characters barely have cell-phones but the story lines still talk to my heart. (I could be biased. Obviously, I'm already a fan.) If you watch a few episodes and want to hear some people talk about it in real time, please do yourself a favor and download the Gilmore Guys podcast. They hilariously breakdown each episode including a super-cut of all of the pop culture references, a Fashion Report (you would not BELIEVE the amount of corduroy flared jeans we used to wear in the early 2000's) and a personal rating of each episode. 

If I love something, there's nothing I love more than talking about it with someone. Please don't mention Gilmore Girls in my vicinity unless you are ready to discuss every minutiae of the show. A big, active Fandom makes me a happy Fangirl.