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Danielle Donaldson blogs here. What I'm reading now. What I'm writing now. My various thoughts about romance novels, publishing and writing at large and the sexy stuff that comes to mind! 

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Beyond The Friend Zone - Story Spotlight!!!

Danielle Donaldson


 "A Weekend at the Lake" by A.E. Snow


Meet the Story:

Alison lives in a tiny apartment in New York with her roommate, a reality tv junkie. As a writer and freelance juggling projects, she’s pushed her novel aside to do work that actually pays and she’s stuck in a rut. When she gets an invitation to a weekend-long birthday bash for a college buddy, she accepts, hoping a few days at beautiful Lake Tahoe will inspire her. But instead of being inspired, she just feels like a failure, being surrounded by her friends whose lives seem so perfect. She begins to wonder where she went wrong with her life, but could Daniel, an old friend, help her see that the key to her success has been in her all along.

Meet the Author:

A.E. Snow writes MG, YA, and the occasional essay. She’s a Potterhead (Ravenclaw) and spends too much time reading about Duchess Kate. She loves all shades of blue and doesn't go anywhere without her kindle. Nowhere. Sometimes she takes a book too.

Catch her online! 

 BEYOND THE FRIEND ZONE is available on Amazon! 

What I'm Writing Now: Halloween Anthology

Danielle Donaldson

It's Halloween in April. This month, I'm focusing on writing my short novella for a contemporary Romance Halloween themed anthology that my story will be included in. Due to publishing timing, I need to make sure that it is ready for editing in May. That means that I have to get into the groove of writing a Halloween/Witch story in the middle of Spring. It can be difficult yet I cope. 

We have a special Pinterest board which helps get me in the mood and I try to listen to some dark, moody music to get in my characters head. Since the story takes place in the Southern United States, sipping on a mint julep also helps. 

What do you do to get your head in the game when writing a scene/story that takes place in a different season or place than you currently live? What helps get you in the groove or the correct tone? 

P.S. I'd love to hear from you! Feel to drop me a email in the form below. :) 

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What I'm Writing Now: National Poetry Month

Danielle Donaldson

I've been writing a poem each day for the month of April for National Poetry Month. Here's one of the poems I have written. It's still a draft so I'd appreciate some encouragement. :) 



The Beauty I Have Caused


warmth in the winter 

when the branches scrape the windows 

baked lasagna and a chilled bottle of beer 

words and words whispered in ears 

moistened by tears 

arms wrapped tightly around shaking shoulders

or kisses on the backs of downcast heads 


laid eggs of assurance 

to be mined 

in the minds 

of friends 


lit candles when the lights go out 

picked up the phone despite ripples of disruption 

read pages to a coughing boy 

have loved and loved and loved 

until my well was dry 

filled it back up cup by cup 

and loved and loved and loved again 


What I'm Writing Now: April Poem-a-Day

Danielle Donaldson

April is the United States National Poetry Month. My poet friends like to get together every April to do a Poem-a-day challenge. The idea is to write a poem each day for the month of April and email it to the other group participants. 

It's not an easy task but each time I have participated, I find a handful of poems worth re-working, editing and submitting. 

This month, I take the time to read poetry that I love (I'll be tweeting my favs over @WriterDonaldson), write poetry that stretches my creative muscles and to cheer on my fellow Poem-a-day poets. In addition to my regular projects (blogging and my novels), I'll be writing one poem each day. 

Let's be honest, sometimes the creative well runs dry. Want to give me some inspiration or a prompt? Want me to write a poem about you or an ode to something you love? Shoot me an email at Danielle (at) or in the contact form below. Have a favorite poem that you want to share? Hit me up in the comments! 

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