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Heavy Heart

Danielle Donaldson


My heart hurts today. There is darkness and sadness in this world of ours that weighs heavy on my conscience. The senseless violence, the act of domestic terrorism, the hate crime against the LGBT community in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub was a terrible reminder of the darkness that still exists in the world. It's San Bernardino (which is less than 30 minute drive from my house). It's Sandy Hook. It's Colorado Springs. It's Aurora. It's Tuscon. There's so, so many more. They are people. They are someone's children, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, lovers, husbands, wives, friends.

I usually try to avoid the politics and after these tragedies, people contemplate all the reasons why. Religious extremism, hate, mental illness, society that accepts gun violence, lack of gun control, society that values a hyper-aggressive form of masculinity. On one hand, all of these things matter. They matter because if we can explain this, find some reason for the irrational, we can control it, change it, stop this from becoming the new normal.

On the other hand, it doesn't matter. To the victims and their families, to the collective emotional conscience of our society, it doesn't matter. Explanations won't bring those people back. It won't turn back time and bring those people in a night, people at a movie theater, people at their doctor's office, children attending their school back to life.

We must grieve. We must remember. We must band together and hold each other close. We must keep our heads up and not let the bad guys win. But, we must do something.

Write your Congress-person. Hug your friends. Be patient with your kids. Become an ally. Call your mother. Donate blood. March in protests. Educate each other. Listen to each other. Be kind. Be angry. Be sad.

Above all, Love. Love. Love.