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Danielle Donaldson blogs here. What I'm reading now. What I'm writing now. My various thoughts about romance novels, publishing and writing at large and the sexy stuff that comes to mind! 

What I wish I knew in College

Danielle Donaldson

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a event at my college as an alumni. It was a sketch/music/performance of the Greek houses on campus and a bottomless mimosa brunch. Couldn't pass up on those mimosas. Not to mention, I also got to watch funny skits featuring shirtless buff frat boys all in the sake of "charity." 

While I was walking around the campus, I saw little ghosts of my former self walking to class, crying about some test, studying in the library, sitting in the sunshine on the grass and I just wish I had known then what I know now. 

I wish I had known what I was capable of. I wish I had known that I CAN be a storyteller and a poet and writing is something that I do and love. I wish I had known myself, my heart, my desires. I wish I had known that I could ask for those things and I was the only person really telling myself no. 

I wish I had known what true love was. I wish I had known how to love myself, although that is still a work in progress. I wish I had not taken my youth, my naivety or  myself for granted. I wish I had looked around at the beautiful and smart people around me and had been more kind. 

Yet, I am grateful. I am grateful that I look back at those times and see how far I have come, how much I have accomplished. I am grateful for nostalgia.

If you could write a letter to your former self, what would you say?