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Danielle Donaldson blogs here. What I'm reading now. What I'm writing now. My various thoughts about romance novels, publishing and writing at large and the sexy stuff that comes to mind! 

What I'm Reading Now - Jump, Jive and Wail by Kathryn R. Biel

Danielle Donaldson

Jump, Jive and Wail by Kathryn R. Biel 


Heat Level: 1 or 2. Very romantic, slow burn of a story that alludes to various sexy time activities but none of them are detailed explicitly. 

Synopsis: Kaitlyn suffered a major injury that ended her career as an Olympic level ski jumper a couple of years prior. Now, she has a chip on her shoulder and a limps through life with a real disability and a poor attitude. She's living in depression and a dead-end, toxic marriage. She quite literally runs into Declan, a professional figure skater at the top of his career and featured in a half naked spread in People Magazine. The handsome and kind hearted skater sees something in her, the passion, the energy that he is lacking in his busy life. She leans on him as friend and he teaches her that she can start over fresh and finally decide to be happy. Though Kaitlyn seems to face obstacle after obstacle including (SPOILER ALERT) assuming Declan is gay, she manages to overcome her past and allow herself to fall in love with Declan. 

As a side note, I loved the details about professional figure skating and ski jumping. The details about Kaitlyn's depression and anger about her disability and having to leave her passion and career rang true. While Kaitlyn was almost unlikeable in the beginning because of the chip on her shoulder, it was reasonable. As the reader learns more about Kaitlyn's background, her feelings and actions become less annoying and more understandable. 

These two professional athletes travel down a windy path from a sexy accidentally meeting, creating a strong friendship and allowing themselves to fall in love. They work their way through multiple misunderstandings but can't deny their chemistry. They have a sweet romance and while most of the between-the-sheets action takes place beyond the pages, their love story is a slow burn that bursts into a fire.